Canada Doesn’t Need a Fall Election

If Ignatieff triggers a fall election I may have to start voting Conservative. One, no one really knows who Ignatieff is so why is he convinced that people will rally around a virtually unknown leader of a party that’s still rebuilding itself? Two, the majority of Canadians don’t want an election so all he’ll do is incur the wrath of voters tired of having their tax dollars spent on an exercise that won’t truly change anything in the HoC. Three, rather than appear like a petulant child who doesn’t like to be down a few runs in a baseball game, why doesn’t he take Harper to task on everything and show he’s trying to work in the best interests of Canadians? This includes acknowledging that not all Tory ideas are bad, publicly demonstrating what ideas will hurt Canadians and why, and refusing to get distracted by non-issues like Harper’s choice of ties.

I don’t think this is that far-fetched and would give people a chance to understand why the Liberals are the better choice. Politics (like comedy) is all about timing and, given the farce we’ve got going on in this country, the Liberals have it all wrong on both counts.

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  1. Something interesting that didn’t occur to me until the other day is why Harper is tabling so many confidence votes. It’s all political posturing and it’s pissing me off. I relish the chance to vote, and this election may be less of a farce than the last one that Harper triggered.

    Where is my online voting and set election dates?

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