On the topic of people who come to work sick

For Godsakes, stop it.  There are few people in this world whose work depends vitally upon their daily presence.  Unless you’re the head of a state or the only doctor who knows how to transplant a heart from a pig to a human, chances are the world will keep turning while you’re away sick for one or two days.

But, oh no, your Narcissistic personality demands that you come into the office bringing plague, pestilence, disease, and death.  Your co-workers good-naturedly rib you for doing so but, lo and behold, we loathe your over-inflated sense of self-importance, all for the simple reason that we don’t want to get sick.  And, because you’re not a doctor and have no idea that feeling better does not equate with no longer being contagious, you infect everyone around you and the unfortunate lot of us who do get sick have to take time off work.

Congratulations, you’re a hero for not missing one day of work but have torpedoed the productivity of several people around you which, ultimately, cost the company thousands of dollars instead of a few hundred. We’ll let you know when we’re having a parade for you.

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