Giving Thanks

Coming back into the office after the Thanksgiving long weekend, conversations tend to center around how your weekend was, how much turkey you ate, and whose family event was the biggest circus. I found myself repeatedly saying that I had a very busy weekend, I ate no turkey (sacrilege!), and, even though it was busy, the time spent with my family and friends was great. If I reflect on this weekend, and the past year in general, I can’t point to a single instance where my family and friends haven’t been there to share good times or help me through difficult ones.

The past year has seen all of my relationships – new and old – grow stronger. My girlfriend’s family has welcomed me into their family with open arms and love as if I had always been a part of it. My enormous extended family manages to sort out all of our busy schedules to get together on a fairly regular basis and, even though we aren’t able to do it as often as I’m sure we’d all like to, it feels like we haven’t missed a beat when we’re together. The wide circles of friends that used to be have shrunk over the past few years but the people I remain really close with have drawn together to the point where they’re a part of my family and I’d do anything for them, just as they’ve proven countless times that they’d do for me. And, most importantly, the fledgling relationship that began only last year has grown to the point where I know I’ve found the love of my life. The one person who complements me in ways I never knew possible, is always there with an encouraging word and a supportive hug, laughs with me til our eyes are streaming with tears, and loves me for who I am – she is the answer to all my questions and I couldn’t imagine my world without her.

And so, this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all of my relationships with the people I love and hold dear. My relationships are my history and, without them, the book on my life would be little else than an empty page.

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