Sorry ladies, I’m taken

It’s very exciting to say, “My fiancée and I…” or “This is Dana, my fiancée.” I wanted to capture the story of our engagement because, I think, it’s a great story:

To start, I knew that I loved Dana after only three months of us being together. I knew that I wanted to marry her after being together for less than a year. What I didn’t know was when or how to propose. When we went to see Dave Matthews Band over the September 2010 long weekend, a few of our friends were sure we’d come back engaged. Not so.

As October began to unfold I started my search for an engagement ring – everything simply felt right. I looked online, in stores, talked to friends, and read a lot about diamonds (this is what I do when it comes to important decisions). Armed with the knowledge from my research, I found (what I hoped was) the perfect ring from, and had the conversation that all men must traditionally have: asking permission from the parents. I was a bit nervous but, at the same time, felt pretty confident that they’d say yes. And they did which fit in quite nicely with my plan to ask her to marry me. With Dana’s parents’ blessing and an excited anticipation, I set about readying the rest of my plan for October 20.

I told Dana not to make plans for that night and that the details were a surprise (Dana told me after that she thought I was going to take her to some sort of concert). I started by taking Dana for dinner at Co Co Di, a Lebanese restaurant that she loves. After a delightful dinner, we took a drive over to St. George’s Crescent (near the museum) where we had previously explored the neighbourhoods of immense houses and beautiful vistas. I stopped the car and walked with Dana in the chill air to a particular spot that overlooked the river valley. With the sun setting in the background, I told Dana I loved her and how happy she made me, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. Amidst surprise and a few tears of joy she said yes. Once I was back on my feet, Dana and I shared our first kiss as an engaged couple and struck out for home, calling our family and friends to share the news.

In the two and a half weeks that followed, we’d planned our entire wedding. We put together a guestlist spreadsheet, a budget spreadsheet, and a wedding plan spreadsheet complete with estimated dates to start and finish each task. When people ask me about how our wedding plans are coming along, they’re generally amazed to find out it’s pretty much all taken care of. +1 for planning nerds everywhere.

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