Proposed Fire Fighting Payment Structure

A letter I wrote to the City of Edmonton’s Utility Committee and my councillor in opposition of a proposal to change the City’s Fire Fighting payment structure:

I’m writing to you in response to a news story I read about City Council considering a proposal that would see an adjustment to the Fire Fighting payment structure for the citizens of Edmonton. The proposal is to be discussed at the Sept 1, 2011 Utility Council meeting as agenda item 6.2 – 2012 Operating Budget Guidelines – Public Fire Protection Water Services Update – Proposed Amendment to Proposed Bylaw 15816. I am against this proposal and believe the cost of Fire Fighting services should remain – rightly – covered by property taxes and included in the City’s annual budget.  

A Man with a Plan

As much as I want to rail against being labelled a “planner,” I can’t help myself. I’m a man with a plan. I like planning things: it reduces stress in my life, especially when things go differently than expected. And when things do go differently – as is bound to happen from time to time – I have the original plan in my head to understand what the impacts are and what needs to be done to still achieve the desired outcome. I find good planning makes things much more enjoyable because I worry less about the “what-ifs;” it frames the options that are available to respond to the unexpected. Moreover, having a plan frees up my mental energy and allows me to focus on other things.