It’s a running joke between my wife and I where I claim I did all these amazing things in the 11 days between my birth and hers and counter her challenge by asking to be proven wrong. Whether or not I invented rope (which I did) isn’t the topic here though. This is about the guy in my office who likes to pontificate and speaks like he came up with common phrases or ideas.

To be fair, this guy’s been working for about 25 years and has seen and done a lot of things that people can benefit from hearing about. But inevitably during one of his lengthy sermons he’ll say something like, “what I like to call ‘lead times’ for resources” or “the ‘Agile’ approach,” which are clearly industry-standard concepts. It’s at times like these where I find myself pulled in three directions: 1. searching for a way to escape from the time vortex, 2. keeping my eyes from rolling back in my head, and 3. stopping myself from accusing him of being a charlatan. Escape tends to be the one that loses out.

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