Leading up to my wedding (now four days to go), people can’t seem to help themselves and ask me if I’m nervous. I don’t fully understand why this is. No, I’m not nervous in the slightest. I made the decision to marry the girl I love well over nine months ago and nothing has changed. If anything, I’m more confident in and committed to that decision and will never look back. Plus, with how well we’ve planned our wedding, there’s even less to be nervous about.

The people who do seem to be nervous or – more appropriately – “anxious” are our mothers. I know they want the absolute best for us but somehow the calming reassurance we have in our good planning (as is shared by our fathers)┬áhasn’t taken hold in our mothers. Which, of course, results in last-minute phone calls and emails about “have-you-thought-ofs” and “one-more-things.” Listen, I know you want it to be perfect and I love you both for that, but please be assured that we’ve got this. Sit down next to Dad, relax, and enjoy the time around our wedding: you did a good job raising us and, in a few days, we’re going to make you proud.

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