Oh No, An Election! and Lock Up The Left

Two things that I can’t fit into tweets:

1. Oh No, An Election!

Stephen Harper claims an election now would destabilize the Canadian economy because of uncertainty in the Middle East, European debt and trade issues, and the disaster in Japan. Umm, what? Not only is that correlation incredibly spurious, there’s a history of countries successfully holding elections during tumultuous times: England in 1935 during the Great Depression,┬áthe U.S. in 1944 during World War II, and Afghanistan in 2010 during the ongoing conflict. ┬áThis is nothing but blatant fear mongering by Stephen Harper and should be cast aside accordingly.

2. Lock Up The Left

For godsakes, could the Liberals, NDP, and Greens please come together and form one party? Yes, it moves Canada into an American-style two-party model but look what it did for the Conservatives: an end to vote-splitting. For those naysayers who claim the NDP’s or Green’s points of view wouldn’t be represented, may I please draw your attention to the backroom deal-making Jack Layton just did with the Conservatives in the latest budget? At least the Liberals, NDP, and Green are more closely aligned and could hammer out a platform that suits the majority of party members.

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