So, how’s it feel to be married?

Since marrying the love of my life, I have been asked repeatedly how it feels to be married. My response to this tends to be, “about the same as it did the day before I got married.” The other question people love to ask is when are we having kids which I answer with a shrug and something indeterminate like “eventually” or “when we decide to.”

Having had time to reflect more on the “feeling” question, I’ve noticed that my thinking has shifted to being much more protective of my wife. Not in the “I’m a man, watch me hunt and make fire” sense, just that I’ve started my own family now and, no matter what happens out in the world, I’m here to make sure nothing happens to my family. I take comfort in this; it’s reassuring because I think it’s how you’re supposed to feel. I can only imagine how much stronger this feeling will grow when I have kids, especially if I have daughters – that’ll be the day I buy a gun and start profiling the neighbourhood. God protect us all at that point.

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  1. It’s kind of like someone asking how you feel now that you’re older on your birthday… about the same as I did yesterday. I did feel change after we got married simply because so much time and effort goes into planning a wedding… what was I supposed to do with all my unplanned weekends? I think that was about the time we started watching Battlestar Galactica. 🙂

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