A True ROWE Day

Today was a true ROWE day for me: I started work at home around 7:30am. At 8 I had a call with a co-worker in Calgary instead of at 9 because we were both available. Just after 9 I was headed to a nearby work office and spent the morning interacting with the folks there, exchanging instant messages with co-workers, answering emails, and talking to people on conference calls. Everything flowed and felt manageable.

I headed out at 11:30 to meet a former colleague for lunch but, unfortunately, he ended up being stuck in meetings so I grabbed a quick bite at a pita joint. Back to the office? Nope, I went to Starbucks, got my regular double shot of espresso, and answered work emails and texts on my work phone. I arrived back in the office for a conference call at 1:30 and made a 2pm meeting optional, choosing to instead to take care of a few issues that deserved my attention. By 5pm I was home to see my wife and make dinner.

No lengthy commute in heavy traffic, no stress from a perceived need to be present, no sludge about the time I was arriving or leaving the office. Instead, my focus was on results and I accomplished more because the day flowed as it needed to. Proof positive that ROWE works. Go ROWE.

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