Auchentoshan Three Wood

The Bothy, Southside Edmonton

One Friday or Saturday night in 2010, myself, my fiancee (now wife), and my close friend and his wife ventured out for a few drinks. We headed to The Bothy and were confounded by finding standing room only upon our arrival. Good for them but when did everyone find out about this place? Anyway, while standing in the door way, their barman was kind enough to recommend a fine red wine for the ladies and introduce the Auchentoshan Three Wood to us boys. If I recall correctly my friend looked at me after the first taste and said, “Well, I know what my new favourite scotch is.”

For those of you who don’t know, the Three Wood gets its name from being aged in a bourbon cask and then in two different types of sherry casks. Its smooth and rich taste will be the first thing that hits you, followed closely by the thought that it’s like drinking candy. Delicious, scotch candy. With very little peat in this scotch your tastebuds get a front-row seat to enjoy the butterscotch and oaky flavours. For such a nice scotch, it’s strange that I rarely seek it out unless it’s put in front of me (as my father-in-law did a few weeks ago). Maybe there are just too many other scotches I’m interested in trying or particular favourites that I’ve latched onto. Regardless of the reason, I’ll gladly help lighten a bottle if invited;┬áit would be impolite not to.

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