Scotch Tasting on June 15, 2006

First a little pre-amble: I’ve spent many evenings enjoying a variety of fine whiskies, often in the good company of family and friends. And so, in the spirit of sharing, I’m going to start writing about the scotches I’ve tried and the experiences I’ve shared.

Grapes and Grains, Southside Edmonton

My dad took me to my first scotch tasting shortly after the time I turned 25. We sat down to sample the Bruichladdich line¬†with a Scotsman – in a kilt no less – named Andrew Walls (more on him at the end). They say you never forget your first time. This “first time,” though, didn’t disappoint.

  • Waves – A seven year-old whisky that Andrew described as a “morning whisky.”
  • 12 Year – Good, but a little sharp.
  • 15 Year – Fantastic. I have a particular fondness for this whisky and, if I could only drink one scotch for the rest of my life, this one might be it.
  • 17 Year – Also fantastic but not appreciably better than the 15 Year for the cost difference.
  • 20 Year – Amazing. This is, to steal Andrew’s phrase, one you only bring out after everyone but your best friend has gone home.
  • 3D – This scotch is how I discovered what “peaty” meant. It tasted like a campfire.

And so my love affair with scotch began and I’ve never looked back.

Bio in Brief – Andrew Walls

Walls of Whisky | @WallsOfWhisky

  • Grew up in the shadows of the Glen Ord distillery near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands
  • Master of Malts for the Alberta Scotch Society
  • Accomplished sommelier
  • Known as one of the most knowledgable scotch experts in Western Canada
  • Appears in full kilt, sporran, and tunic for tastings, sometimes brandishing a sword

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