Tullibardine 1993 Vintage

A few nights ago, I felt like having a whisky and, rummaging through my scotch cabinet, found I still had some of the Tullibardine 1993 Vintage (40%ABV) left from my stag. Grabbing my Glencairn glass and pen and paper, I poured myself a dram.

First impression is how light it is – almost like a white wine. The nose smells of vanilla without any strong alcohol vapours or peat. The whisky is extremely light on your palate, like water flowing across your tongue. Within the pleasing, sweet taste I could detect flavours of vanilla and oatmeal with the faintest hint of citrus. As it moves smoothly to a dry finish, the whisky stays around for a medium length of time (medium is a subjective term but if you’re a scotch drinker you know what I’m talking about).

This might be a good gateway if you wanted to ease someone into scotch but, overall, it’s too light for my preference. I like my whiskies to have some peat, taste a bit “meatier” with a more robust flavour profile and heavier mouth feel, and bring some heat that comes from a higher alcohol content.

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  1. I just opened my bottle of Tullibardine 1993. Here in the US they sell it at 46% – what a great idea! -, and apparently that makes a big difference. There’s nothing light about it! It has an uniquely oily, almost waxy texture, and it feels closer to a cask strength than to a 40% whisky. The dominant notes are along the same lines as you’ve noted, in the order of appearance: citrus (lemon), malt, oaky Chardonnay, and some walnuts. It has the nose of an Old Pulteney 17yo (via Speyburn 10yo) and the body of a Clynelish. All in all, very elegant and well put together – an excellent whisky!

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