Do more by narrowing your focus

A meeting once a week (with no end in sight) to make improvements will result in two things: 1. No timely progress. 2. Frustration and annoyance by people who are in the habit of getting shit done.

Instead of having 20 things on the go at the same time – each with their one hour weekly meeting – let’s focus on 2 or 3 in a month and drive them out to release or completion. Then onto the next iteration or the next thing. Clear your calendar for a day or a week, get in a room, and get it done. We can’t afford to wait for a year to go by and see the first (and only?) iteration of 20 things finish at about the same time. Better to get those 2 to 3 things in a month and each month thereafter either delivers something new or an iteration of something better.

By narrowing our focus, we could actually do more.

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