Forward is not a straight line

Forward to me is about understanding where you were, knowing where you are, and looking towards the horizon for where you want to go. Along the way you’ll boldly stride ahead, slow down to search what’s around you, and backtrack so you can take a different path. Overall, you’re moving away from where you are and towards where you want to be. It’s exhilarating, frustrating, liberating, mind-numbing, exasperating, and all the other -ings that come with exploring.

When it comes to reimagining work, the place we’re moving away from holds all the current (old) style of thinking and working, the rules and policies written down for a different time, and all the ways we find to say “no.” We know this place, but it no longer defines us and it no longer holds us prisoner. We reject the status quo, demand to blaze our own trail, and crave to put our mark on the world. The new place we’ll create together inspires and rewards imagination, embraces trust to create time and freedom, and starts with “yes.”

I know, you’re saying, “Hold on there, Columbus. How exactly are we going to get to this new world?” I don’t know yet, but it starts with taking one step. And today was that first step forward for many of us.

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