Singularity U in Canada is something to celebrate

On October 11, 2017, Singularity University kicked off its Canadian movement with the inaugural SingularityU Canada Summit. What I’m most encouraged by is that more and more people are having the opportunity to attend Singularity University events. As I was listening to stories of people who attended in Toronto or via the webcast, I was reminded of the day I spent at Singularity in April this year and how fortunate I was to have that experience. I took a lot from that day including the concepts of abundance instead of scarcity, carrying a growth mindset, and embracing exponential thinking. I re-read my notes and a number of things stand out that I think are worth sharing:

  • People
    • Firmly establish your purpose in the minds and imaginations of people
    • Crowdsource ideas and feedback – talk to customers early and often, canvas all employees inside your organization
    • Adaptability Quotient (how well a person adapts) is highly coachable – you can develop your current people and look for it when hiring
    • One of the greatest challenges is to unlearn what we’ve learned
    • We are our own barrier to future success
  • Economics
    • Exonomic (exponential economics) power transfer is about running a parallel strategy that prepares you for the loss of your main revenue generator(s)
    • Don’t give into the fallacy that innovation drives GDP
    • Deflation can be positive – things are cheaper, faster, and more accessible; figure out how to harness that
    • The biggest problems are our biggest opportunities, especially in the area of social impact
  • Innovation
    • Try crazy shit on the edge of what you know and what you don’t know
    • Challenge sacred cows
    • Be prepared to fight off the corporate antibodies (those that seek to maintain the status quo)
    • Look up and around to find uncommon partners in unusual places
    • Be scrappy, stay lean, and act like you’re broke (even if you’re well-funded)
    • Experiments with known outcomes or outcomes that won’t change anything are bad experiments, everything else is ok
    • Visit the future often and then tell people about it through stories, role-playing skits, and tangible things

And finally this point which deserves it’s own space:

Perspective is easy to gain and hard to keep

There is so much truth to this. I come back to it regularly to remind myself to lift my head up, look around, and see the bigger picture. And because of the wonderful people involved with Singularity University, that picture gets bigger every day.

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