Trusting you can let go

This week, I started a 30-day secondment to reimagine work, powered by Google’s G-Suite. Letting go of my current role has been a challenge. It’s been hard here at the beginning to stop myself from checking back on what’s going on in my old role; that’s my curiosity and a bit of my ego inflating my sense of self-importance. I’m four days into our bootcamp and went back to my work phone when I got home from Calgary yesterday, mostly to alleviate the fear of missing something. You know what I missed?

A reminder to do my MasterCard expenses before fiscal year-end. Pictures of a whiteboard outlining an issue we’ve been chasing down. A notification that a meeting was cancelled. And people seeking consensus from a group on a decision.

My reaction was almost one of indifference which actually surprised me. I care about those things and, at the same time, I’m moving on because I know they’re in the capable hands of others. This made me think about one of our values (we call them “ATBs”): Trust and expect the same from others. Yes, there are items that are important and some of my attention (or maybe it’s just awareness?) is justified. But I also have this new role where I need to be ALL-IN and, to that end, need to consciously disengage from what I left behind.

Here’s where it really gets hammered home for me: my organization is investing a huge amount in me to immerse myself in this experience and for me to give anything less than my complete self would be a disservice to this opportunity, my team members, and their trust.

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