Give back, stand up, have courage. Thanks Mom.

A question was posed to a team member network at work about the woman who inspires you. There are so many women I’m honoured to have in my life today but there was one woman who started it all: my mom. My mom was a single mom who raised my sister and me from when I was 4 to when I was almost 13 (it was around then when she met my step-dad).

As I look ahead towards Christmas, one thing really sticks out is that we always had food, presents, and family at Christmas time. Growing up I never had this sense that we went without; my mom found a way to keep us from ever having to worry about that. Now, with a family of my own, I finally realize and fully appreciate how my mom was willing to do anything for us. I’m awestruck and teary-eyed thinking about it.

Which brings me to how she raised us: it wasn’t about what you didn’t have, it was about making sure you and the people around you had enough. And if they didn’t, you found a way to help – even if that meant all you could give was your time. My also mom taught us to stand up for what’s right in order to make a positive difference in the world (one particular memory I have is walking with her to protest cuts to health care in the 90s). And underpinning all of that was to have courage, first to start and then to persevere.

Give back so others have enough, stand up for what’s right, and have courage in everything you do. Inspiration for every day. Thanks Mom.

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