You inspire others more than you know

A story was run recently in the Sherwood Park News about Hal Souster, the athletics director of Bev Facey High School, who is retiring after more than 30 years of teaching.

I had the privilege of being in Mr. Souster’s phys ed class in grade 10. Up to that point I hated gym: I wasn’t as good at sports as other kids, I had no confidence, and I’d pretty much written off phys ed (electing to only take the mandatory minimum 3-credit class for my high school diploma).

Then Mr. Souster showed me that sports and phys ed aren’t just about ability, they’re about team work, attitude, and heart. And he made sure our grades reflected that (I got my first 80% ever in gym in his class). I doubt he knows the impact he had on my life but his support and coaching in that one semester gave me the confidence to try out for football and discover a love for athletics and fitness.

The reason I’m sharing this is that the people we share our homes, churches, mosques, community halls, and workplaces inspire us to do great things, just as we (hopefully) inspire others. When we hear of one of these people leaving an organization, retiring after a long career, or passing away, the stories of how they inspired and touched the lives of so many people burst forth from the woodwork. And every time I witness this happen, it reminds me I need to share my story and appreciation with the people who inspire me sooner rather than later.

So – with the utmost respect and gratitude – thanks Sous, you inspired me more than you know. Congrats on your retirement!

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