Finding purpose in the future of work

A friend and colleague, Tevi Legge, shared an HBR article on blind spots to be aware of when teams are being brought together to collaborate. I highly recommend you read it as it offers a terrific perspective on why things go wrong in practice even though the planning and processes look right on paper. After I read it, Tevi posed the question, “How might we help people find purpose in the future of work?”

That’s a tough question because I believe purpose is very personal. But I’ll wager therein lies the answer: make it personal and unearth what really motivates a person (analytics, sales, support, teaching, creating, care for others, etc.)

For me, the future of work is anchored in mindset. If I’m willing to learn, adapt, and evolve my perspective – not to mention be courageous to speak up and ask for help when I’m struggling – the future will always be open.

At a tactical level, one thing I recently read was to remind people of how much will be staying the same to take away the fear and uncertainty that “everything” is changing: “We’re still counting on you to manage relationships with our customers. You’re incredible at it and we can help you by partnering you with this group. And we’re counting on you to teach them what you know because it’ll make all of us better at helping customers.” In this scenario, two groups are being brought together; the same approach and guidance could be used for needing to adopt new technology, adapt to new environments, or work in roles that will evolve more rapidly than ever before.

If we take the view of being inclusive and abundant, the future of work will be bright. Together we can make the pie bigger where we all end up having more, accomplished by carrying a growth mindset and grounding ourselves in purpose.

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