Statement of facts

In the coming Canadian federal election, expect promises to fix “all the problems” but few details that stand up to scrutiny.

I believe it’s reasonable to expect parties to demonstrate policy impacts using facts, math, and modelling. For instance:

Statement Facts
Tax relief for Canadians Show the personal and business tax structure changes. Model the impacts for low, middle, and high income Canadians as well as for small, medium, large businesses against the last 5 years.
Getting Canadians back to work Show the economic conditions you would create that are within your control. Acknowledge the economic factors you can’t control. Project against current and future trends.
Putting a price on pollution Show how pollution regulations and taxes will affect people and industry (and jobs as a follow-on). Compare against similar countries/economies and demonstrate global impact.
Bring Canadians a balanced budget Show taxes to be implemented, scrapped and impact to federal coffers; acknowledge programs that will be funded, cut and impact to Canadians and businesses; project when budget will balance.
Just and fair for all Canadians Show plans and policies that address gaps for groups (e.g. Indigenous, POC, women, LGBTQ2+), including timeline and impact.

If we hold parties accountable to provide details on their promises, we know what we’re in for. Yes, conditions change, but at least voters know parties put some thought into a plan before forming the next government.

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