Tasting notes for Macaloney’s Twa Cask Islay: Caol Ila & Bunnahabhain

Distillery: Coal Ila and Bunnahabhain
Cask Type: Ex-Bourbon, Red Wine Barriques
Region: Islay
Age: NAS
ABV: 46%
Nose: Peat and smoke, salty sea air hinting at medicinal iodine, sweet chocolate and dark fruit. Very subtle grass or hay.
Palate: Oh wow. Smooth, a bit oily, strong woody notes and earthy peat. The medicinal iodine is there alongside almost a bitterness of dark chocolate. Cinnamon and cloves and dried fruit. Just love how it envelopes my tongue and brings so much flavour.
Finish: There’s a flicker of spiciness early in the finish with sweet smoke curling its way throughout. The salty, earthy notes really hang on as the rest drifts away and the whisky leaves my whole mouth coated in layers of flavour.
Overall: This whisky is out of control. The depth and complexity is mind boggling: I keep going back and finding new things in the nose and on the palate. I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to have to track down another bottle because this one I have may not last.

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