Roadmap Visualization: From Squads and Quarters to Now, Next, Consider

A few months ago, we changed our approach to roadmapping at work. We used to visualize our company-wide roadmap according to strategic priority and squad over quarters. After running like this for three quarters, our roadmap had become quite busy and squished.

We discovered three things with this approach:

  1. As priorities changed and the true size of an effort became clearer, features kept getting pushed into the future.
  2. Anticipated delivery dates were based more on wishful thinking than reality.
  3. Points 1 and 2 created artificial pressure to deliver because we kept stacking things up at the end of the year.

So what did we do? We adopted the “Now, Next, Consider” approach. We said goodbye to quarters and the pressure that came with them, we honed in on our true priorities, and we created more flexibility to organize and execute work. Compared to the above roadmap, you can see how this visualization is lot less cluttered.

The result? Greater clarity on direction and focus on delivery. To me this proves, once again, how a seemingly small change can make a huge impact.

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