Start small and with clear intent when building your leadership practices

I’ve been fortunate to have worked at an organization that went all-in on leadership and been privileged to work with many great leaders throughout my career. These people have inspired me, mentored me, and supported me as I’ve skinned my knees. I believe it’s my responsibility, in turn, to be a great leader for others.

Recently, Fast Company published an article called, “Why it finally may be time to hire a Chief Leadership Officer.” While hiring a Chief Leadership Officer may be a tall order – especially in a smaller company – this article starts to lay the groundwork for how we approach people, culture, and leadership practices in our organizations. My view is, regardless of company size, a leadership team can start small and be clear on their intention as they build towards something great.

Something I’ve been reflecting on recently is what do we expect of a work leader (someone who gives day-to-day direction) versus a performance leader (someone who coaches, mentors, and supports growth)? How would our thinking change if these were two separate roles? If you have thoughts on that, I’d love to hear them.

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