A spectacular moment of flow

Wednesday delivered a spectacular moment of flow, all revolving around demo prep for a client. Sounds pretty ordinary, I know. Wait for it.

It started with questions in a group chat. Then a few ideas came along. More questions. More ideas. Somehow everyone came to the understanding that we were going to deliver a WOW and, no, it didn’t matter we were mere hours til demo time. This was going to happen.

Mock-ups, code deploys, and revisions flowed through the chat like the solos and riffs of a jazz band. The team was in the zone. Everyone played their part to add or improve what we were about to show in – OMG – fifteen minutes!

It’s time. Here we go. Calm and confident.

And then…

We nailed it! Everyone involved from Sales, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering owned this demo and were relentless in delivering that WOW. The whole process was a thing of beauty and made the day something truly special. My hope is that everyone gets to experience these moments again and again throughout their careers.

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