Thoughts on Cost and Delivery of Media Content

Here’s what I want to see happen: I want to see North American governments stop trying to craft new copyright laws that cater to every special-interest group and end going to court over usage-based billing.  I want to see the problem turned on its head and a root-cause analysis conducted.  I want to see a subscription service where I can pay (for example) $50/month for the unlimited and unrestricted download of high-definition TV shows, movies, and music.  I want to see internet access fees and usage-based thresholds adjusted to fairly reflect the true total cost of service delivery.  Instead, I see time and money pissed away going after enabling sites like, across-the-board increases in the cost of internet service delivery loosely justified as a response to “skyrocketing” bandwidth usage, and government energy wasted on fighting decisions that internet service providers can charge for usage over a certain threshold (last I checked that’s how capitalism worked, comrade).