Four Years of the Big C

On May 2, over 61% of Canadians went to the polls and 40% of those delivered the Conservative Party of Canada a majority. I have to hand it to the Conservatives – they stayed on message, made fiscally-responsible promises, and managed to avoid any major gaffes (or regrettable wardrobe choices). The Liberals, on the other hand, imploded like a balloon in the freezer after failing to find a message – let alone a party leader – that connected with Canadians. The two biggest surprises of the night though were the magnitude of the NDP’s surge to become the Official Opposition and the near-obliteration of the Bloc Quebecois. Despite my dislike of the Conservatives, this is probably the first time in five years that I’m hopeful to see the maneuvering and mud-slinging of Canadian politics take a backseat to actual governing.