Treating A Symptom Does Not Solve The Problem

There have been stories in the news recently about a teenage girl overdosing on ecstacy at a West Edmonton Mall Rock ‘n’ Ride and the mall’s solution is to stop having these events.  While it does remove the problem from the purview of West Edmonton Mall, it doesn’t address the deeper issue: the fact that people at younger and younger ages are involved in the use of drugs and alcohol. I’m not going to preach teenage abstinence towards sex, drugs, and alcohol; it’s been shown countless times that this kind of approach doesn’t work.  What I will suggest is that we look at treating the root cause of the problems we’re facing instead of finding various band-aids to treat the symptoms. I would hope that the people at West Edmonton Mall don’t think that by stopping Rock ‘n’ Ride events the problem of teenage drug use goes away because, effectively, all they’ve done is elbow it out of the mall. Yet it still remains on our streets and in our bars, clubs, schools, and homes.