A few thoughts on Canadian politics

This past week, various headlines have caught my eye related to Canadian politics. The first was the controversy about Justin Trudeau coming out in support of Quebec sovereignty if Prime Minister Stephen Harper moved Canada backwards in areas such as same-sex marriage and abortion. The second was Vic Toews condemning anyone who opposed the lawful access bill as a supporter of child pornography (then adamantly denying it in the face of video evidence). The third was the long-promised elimination of the long-gun registry. 

President Harper

The Liberal Party of Canada had their convention this weekend and out of it came a new party president in Mike Crawley (over the Chretien-era Sheila Copps), support for legalizing marijuana, and opposition to study severing ties with the British Monarchy. The first two decisions I agree with – the party’s needed to step forward from the bygone age of Chretien for a while now, and it’s good that a major political party has finally recognized the will of our nation’s citizens (plus the swing of money spent on enforcing current marijuana legislation and new taxes into the coffers doesn’t hurt). But this last decision I disagree with.